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Mission & Values

The aim of the African Development Corporation is to strengthen ties between China and Africa by establishing win-win economic partnerships.

This will be accomplished by promoting the development of the Chinese economy through the reconstruction of Africa. We enable on the one hand Chinese companies and individuals to take advantage of unexploited African business opportunities and on the other hand African businesses to discover and seize growth opportunities in China.

This mission is paramount to our company and we believe that it can only be achieved by scrupulously upholding the following key 4 values:

Win-win Partnership

Our “All must benefit all” approach helps us keep in focus the necessity to guarantee mutual benefit to both parties during the operations that we facilitate because this will ultimately lead to stronger and more trusting relationships between the Chinese and African people. This is crucial and can never be over looked since after all, a solid and tested trust is essential to carry out successful cross-border business.

Long Term Vision

“Killing the chick instead of letting it lay its daily golden egg” remains a fatal mistake that many businessmen make, regardless of the benefit instantly gained: such short sights will strongly be discouraged to enable our partners to rip the long term profits guaranteed by the steady and mutually assisted growth and development of both Chinese and African economies.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Rapid and adequate solutions to cross-border challenges must be guaranteed: this is why we at ADC, therefore pledge to our customers to tirelessly endeavor to help them achieve the best performance at the lowest possible cost.


Forming inclusive and mixed business teams to draw the best out of each individual, people and culture is primordial. This will help us develop solutions that would best address the difficulties and special circumstances that would arise due to the multicultural nature of such businesses.

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