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Welcome to Africa.


The African Development Corporation (ADC) is the world’s leading sinoafrican focused management consultancy firm. ADC focuses on cross-border corporate strategy development and implementation between China and Africa and thus represents the unique and indispensable catalyst which can guarantee to international companies a safe and successful entry into the African or Chinese market.

Chinese companies interested in tapping into the golden opportunities and limitless growth that only Africa can offer can rest assured that they will find here with us the expertise and resources required to make great profit in Africa while African partners eager to connect with the world’s largest economy and market may safely rely on us to play the role of their trusted, accommodating and devoted servants.

We at ADC are passionate about China and Africa because of their individual characteristics and richness but also because we firmly believe in the future of long term, prosperous and winning-winning sinoafrican relationships.

Management Team

The African Development Corporation prides itself to have assembled the best qualified and experienced management team...

Mission & Values

The aim of the African Development Corporation is to strengthen ties between China and Africa by establishing win-win economic partnerships...

Business Approach

Our approach is simple: We tackle all challenges laid on our path by each time developing new innovative solutions while leverage on our strengths...

About us

Why Africa?

Global Economic Growth Hub

African economies are growing at a tremendous rate overtaking even China which had lead the World Economic race with its sustained decade long double digit annual growth rate. 6 out of 10 of the World fastest economies are currently all located in Africa with its other economies trailing not too far behind. The continent promises to sustain global economic growth and recovery efforts throughout the 21st century,  providing steady and lucrative fruits only to those brave enough to pluck them.

The World's Gold Chest

Contrary to common knowledge, Africa is rich, incredibly rich in natural resources and all of sorts of precious minerals. The continent single-handledly holds most of the world natural reserves. All can be found there: gold, diamonds, copper, oil, timber or precious stones. You name it: Africa has it and in head-spinning, outrageously disproportionate quantities. All the world economic powers, including China, heavily rely on Africa's resources to fuel their domestic industries and their exploitation has already secured untold wealth to many Chinese businessmen.

Africa, the next Chindia

Africa is a vast land inhabited by a very young population. While the average Chinese person has a mature age of 40 years old, most African people are teenagers no older than 15 years old. The continent is therefore capable of supplying the world with the youngest, most dynamic and by far cheapest labour force that is expected to account for more than half of the world population by 2050, making Africa, in a mere 3 decades, the world largest and fastest growing market. Just like the 20th century belonged to China, the 21st century will be Africa’s. Only the wisest business leaders will recognize the importance of an early implementation in this virgin market, at a time when there is virtually no existing competition. Africa is the prize of the world and during this time of severe global economic slowdown, all eyes are more than ever turning toward the continent: “Early birds get the first worms”: what are you still waiting for? Get in first on board of this unstoppable locomotive and secure yourself a seat to everlasting prosperity before it is too late.

Why Africa?


Please find below our contact details. Feel free to address us any enquiry by phone or by email regarding our solutions. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Address:2 JinSui Lu, Building 5, Suite 205

                   ShunYi District, Beijing 101300, China

Tel.:(+86)010 8943 5564

Fax:(+86)010 8943 5564

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Our Industries

The African Development Corporation’s expertise is quite extensive and covers a wide spectrum of industrial fields. Please find below a non exhaustive list of our key industrial focuses. Please feel free to enquire with us in the event that your required field of expertise cannot be found below.

Retail & Consumer
Civil Aerospace
Light & Heavy

Our Services

International Business Management & Advisory

International Business Management & Advisory remains the core service provided by our firm because it is main mean through which we can fulfill our goal of bringing China and Africa closer together.


A non exhaustive list of all the services provided through this department is listed below. Please feel free to contact us to enquire on the specifics of each solution as well as concerning ones not-listed that your business would require.

  • Cross-Border Implementation

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Business Analytics

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Brand Management

  • Public Institutions Relations

  • International Talent Recruitment & Management

  • Financial Services

  • Legal Services

  • Translation & Linguistics Services

  • International Corporate & Executive Training

  • International Trading services

Business Incubator

The business incubator department handles the development and local implementation of venture projects. These projects can either be initiated in-house or brought in by venture partners.

Please feel free to contact us would you ever be interested in partnering with us. We are always kin on contributing to the success of common ventures by leveraging the full extent of our business resources and assets.

Our Services
Our Industries
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